Downloading Chromatics

When downloading Chromatics, you have two main options: Installer and Portable.

While Chromatics 3 is in Beta, only the Portable installation option will be available.


Using the installer, most of the installation process is automated and will be installed by default into your Program Files folder. Download the latest installer from our website or GitHub.

Open the installer exe and follow the instructions to fully install Chromatics. You can then run Chromatics from the desktop link or from your start menu.


The portable version of Chromatics allows you to run Chromatics from any folder on your computer, so long as all the files are together. Download the ZIP portable file from our website or GitHub and then extract the ZIP file and run Chromatics.exe as administrator to start the application.

When downloading the portable version of Chromatics, make sure you unblock the ZIP file before extracting. This can be done by right-clicking the ZIP file, clicking properties and selecting unblock.

When upgrading from Chromatics 2, extract the contents of the portable version to a new location, or delete Chromatics 2 before installing Chromatics 3.

Updating Chromatics

When an update becomes available for Chromatics, you will be prompted to update automatically upon running Chromatics. This will begin the update process and automatically install the latest version of Chromatics.

Manually Updating

You can also update Chromatics manually by using the installer or portable versions of Chromatics, just re-run the installer or extract the new portable version over the top of your existing installation.

Migrating Chromatics

To transfer settings to a new PC, copy the following files from the existing installation to the new one:

layers.chromatics3 palette.chromatics3 effects.chromatics3 settings.chromatics3

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